About Us

BushidoFlix is the leader
At BushidoFlix (formerly BushidoDVD.com) you can rent instructional DVDs in any style of martial arts that you can imagine. From Shaolin Kung Fu to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi, Krav Maga and much more!
We are martial arts/self defense enthusiasts just like you
As practicioners and students of MMA and martial arts, we understand the challenges of finding quality instruction, expensive lessons and the high cost of instructional DVDs. With our service, you can save time, money and learn in the privacy of your home.  
Our service is convenient
Rent thousands of martial arts and related specialty DVDs at affordable monthly plans. No contracts, no late fees and you can cancel anytime.
We are a new start-up company
Founded by a group of young professionals with a love for the martial arts and with aspirations to create an online resource to help others.
Our mission
To provide martial arts enthusiasts access to quality DVD video instruction at affordable prices and in one convenient place.
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