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"I would like to say thank you for providing a well informed base of instructional videos for many people to enjoy. Thank you for your service."
- Miguel R., New York

"The service is great. I just have grad school finals coming up and summer school so I won't be able to train as much."
- A. Lopez., New York

"I liked the idea of being able to rent multiple DVDs at a time; however, I did not like that I had to return all the DVDs at once. Otherwise, decent service and decent selection of DVDs."
- Diem N., Arkansas

"Great videos very informative. I give bushidoflix two thumbs..."
- Miguel R., Pennsylvania

"Great service! I am only leaving because I rented everything I wanted. I would love to see more weapon material and Southeast asian systems. Silat, Kali, escrima, Krabi Krabong, etc."
- Richard S., California

"You guys are great. I just can't afford to stay on the rental plan right now. I'm sure I'll be back in the future. Thank you!"
- Richard N., Pennsylvania

"Thank you for your wonderful service and great content."
- Greg B., Alabama

"I live in 'The Country' in NSW Australia - I want to commend on such an awesome concept and resource - we have nothing like this here in Oz."
- Chris M., Australia

"I love the unique service you offer. Service is excellent.. Thank you!!"
- Edward L., Illinois

"Excellent selection of jiu jitsu dvd's. Thank you so much!!!"
- Rich H., Illinois

"Nicely designed website and good service! I will be back."
- Michael K., California

"I enjoyed your service and found it useful. Please add more titles."
- Tom S., California

"Limited selection, but I'm pleased with your service. Thank you."
- Danny N., California

"Laid off of work no more extra money, but did learn some new techniques."
- Alan E., California

"What a great concept. Love that I can learn martial arts from the comforts of my own home!"
- Jiu Jitsu Mind Blog

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