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Darcepedia (Disc 1) with Jeff Glover

Darcepedia (Disc 1) with Jeff Glover
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Jeff Glover
Cryo Productions
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Running Time:
95 minutes
Release Date:


First he laid out his competition Deep Half Guard game. Now he's back to teach you about his favorite strangle method - the Darce choke.
One of America's most talented and most charismatic grapplers - Jeff Glover - has laid out the most complete series on the Darce choke ever known to man. Features detailed instruction on the Darce and all of its variations - including the Marce, the Farce, the Starce, and the Slarce.

Disc 1:

0 Intro
1 Day 1 darce
2 Boltcutter
3 Boltcutter to guillotine
4 Marce
5 Short arm marce
6 Short arm darce
7 Seat belt grip to darce
8 Farce
9 Failed Heisman
10 Pull darce
11 Push farce
12 Push darce 1
13 Push darce 2
14 Half guard darce 1
15 Half guard darce 2
16 Sprawl to marce or farce
17 Single leg stuffer
18 Starce
19 Sim Go spin into darce
20 Triangle to marce
21 Mounted triangle to darce
22 Mad darce
23 Mad darce crank
24 Mad darce to triangle
25 Back escape to marce
26 Bottom side control to marce
27 Getting guard passed to marce
28 Darce-o-plata
29 Monoplata darce
30 Arm drag darce drill
31 Turtle darce drill
32 Turtle marce drill
33 Darce defense
34 Marce defense
35 Slarce

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