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Bas Rutten's #1 Big Dvd's of Combat

Bas Rutten's #1 Big Dvd's of Combat
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Bas Rutten
Bas Rutten
Mixed Martial Arts
Running Time:
100 minutes
Release Date:


He did it again, after creating the biggest set of instructional MMA books in the world, Bas is back with biggest instructional DVD's in the world, with even more detailed and more instructions on it then in his books. Everything you need to know about fighting, is contained on these DVD's. Bas doesn't hold anything back and shows you everything he knows. Things covered on the DVDs:

- Warm ups
- Stretching
- Special Japanese warm up
- Conditioning training
- Power training for MMA
- Drills for power and reflexes, with and without a partner
- Positioning
- Baits
- Striking, standing and on the ground
- Ring strategy
- Thai pad training
- Escapes and reversals for the ground
- Leg locks plus the escapes
- Arm bars plus the escapes
- Chokes and neck cranks plus the escapes
- Take downs plus defending those
- Interview with Bas on camera
- Special guest appearances and techniques from Quinton Jackson, Gene LeBell, Gokor Chivichyan, Benny the Jet, Robert Follis, Marc Laimon, Randy Couture, Matt Hughes and Murillo Bustamante
- Funny out takes

In total you will have more than 12 hours of instruction. No "space filling" re-plays, only instructions that go into every detail of that specific move are on these DVD's. This way you have tons of information on each DVD.

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