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Cutting Through The Mystery, Volume 1: Japanese Military Iai-Batto-Do

Cutting Through The Mystery, Volume 1: Japanese Military Iai-Batto-Do
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Dana Abbott
Japanese, Sword
Running Time:
60 minutes
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Learn from the master who learned from the masters... Written and produced by Master Dana Abbott, the DVD version of Cutting Through the Mystery is a must-have treasury of unique, step-by-step instructions for every martial artist and Japanese sword practitioner. This DVD features:

• Offers the traditionalist an in-depth look at sword technique and application.
• It breaks down the basic eight forms of the Japanese military Iai-Batto-do system and movements into step-by-step instructions.
• Discover how to hold, draw, sheath and cut, plus learn foot and body placements and how to move correctly and smoothly with a Japanese sword. These forms are designed for easy understanding and retention.
• The intent and purpose of this DVD focuses on sharing expertise on the usage of the long sword while describing in detail information pertaining to a straightforward system of comprehension and practical sword application.
• You will learn correct and practical methodology on how to execute sword technique in a simple and direct no-nonsense approach.
• Application and usage will encompass the understanding of drawing and sheathing, stances, manipulation, gripping, pre-arranged forms, striking and cutting patterns, evasive action, plus much more!
• In a relatively short amount of time you will be able to duplicate and execute the same rhythm, timing and speed required to be proficient in the sword.

Master Dana Abbott's bladed weapon experience is extensive. He holds the title of Kyoshi, in the sword art of Goshindo, obtained at the Honbu dojo in Yokohama, Japan. He instructs the "spirit of the thing" throughout the United States giving intensive seminars and individualized training.

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