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Mark Schultz Grappling Disc 2: Takedowns

Mark Schultz Grappling Disc 2: Takedowns
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Mark Schultz
Running Time:
45 minutes
Release Date:


Mark Schultz shares the fruit of his countless hours of labor spent on the mat wrestling at elite levels and with jiu-jitsu experts Pedro Sauer and Walt Bayless.

Mark has proven himself to be at the very top of the game in one of the most competitive sports in the world and in this DVD he concerns himself with only high percentage submission, MMA, and self-defense techniques.

Disc 2 is "Takedowns: Set-Ups to Leg Attacks"

Have you seen UFC IX? Watch how easily Mark takes Goodrich down over and over again. Once you cross-reference that fight with this new DVD, you will know exactly how he did it!

In this DVD details the finer points of:

1) Effective arm drag drills...

2) The fastest takedown in ALL of wrestling.

3) Why you should avoid the fireman's carry!

4) How to nail the high-crotch from an overhook by limping your arm.

5) Takedown variations from the Russian 2-on-1.

6) Takedown variations from the Arm-throw tie-up.

7) Takedown variations from the Over-Under tie-up.

8) Takedown variations from the Double Over-hook.

9) Takedown variations from no tie-up at all!

10) How to use the football forearm shift to set up tackles.

11) Brutal Soccer style foot sweeps...

12) How to Master The Seven Basic Techniques of the Takedown (lifting, tripping, spinning behind, running the pipe, switching to another move, going out the back door, and cracking him down to his hip)

13) Set-ups for the High Crotch

14) Set-ups for the Single Leg

15) Tricks to finish off your opponent once you get the single

16) The Barsagar

17) Set-ups for the Double-Leg

18) Set-ups for the Low Single

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