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Ultimate Takedowns #5 (Wrestling for Mixed Martial Arts)

Ultimate Takedowns #5 (Wrestling for Mixed Martial Arts)
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Mike Vanarsdale
World Martial Arts
Grappling/Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts
Running Time:
50 minutes
Release Date:


Volume 5 - Defending Against Takedowns Part 1

This video features Olympic Gold Medalist Kevin Jackson and NCAA wrestling superstar Mike Vanarsdale. They will teach you everything you need to know about takedowns and defending takedowns. No matter what style you practice, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, no holds-barred or traditional martial arts, this video series is a must. This video series contains the techniques and counters that wrestlers don't want you to know.

For the first time ever, world class wrestlers Kevin Jackson and Mike Vanarsdale teach the secrets of defending all take downs. First you will learn the critical lines of defense such as proper stance, defensive motion and level change theory and the head and hands defense. Learn how to properly sprawl and special sprawling drills. Then, you will put all these techniques together as you will learn to read and defend any takedown. Learn to defend take downs in no- holds-barred, mixed martial arts and submission grappling. Each takedown defense is highly detailed like double leg take downs, single leg take downs, low single legs, high crotch and many more. Learn to use advanced methods of defense like the chin and arm method. Learn how to counter a takedown and turn it into a takedown of your own! This tape is the most important work ever produced on how to defend take downs in mixed martial arts events.

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