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Hitsumon Bujinden - Wisdom Necessary for Quest Vol.2 (SPD-7104) *Excp Bronze*

Hitsumon Bujinden - Wisdom Necessary for Quest Vol.2 (SPD-7104) *Excp Bronze*
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Masaaki Hatsumi
Quest Co., Ltd.
Ninjutsu, Samurai
Running Time:
120 minutes
Release Date:


** Not available for Bronze plan. These DVDs are expensive and difficult to replace. **

Soke Hatsumi reveals deep lessons of his budo and uniquely answers and speaks on very interesting subjects below:

Your activities in the Japan Writer’s Club/To become engrossed in Budo/To carry on with both/A Budoka and an Actor(Player)/A Budo that is full of vitality/The ability of premonition and prediction/Anyone is able to attain/The 2,000 years of history/ Living, giving life to, and extending life/Characteristic expressions/Kon Toko Sensei/The Samurai/Sword techniques and dependable techniques/What is missing in the martial arts/Sensei has walked the right road straight, hard, and seriously/Rokkon Shojo/Star/Kyusho/Grueling training/Thing that connects to the next/The overall level/ 15th Dan/Armor/A lot of knowledge packed into Yoroi/The first time you put on Yoroi/Battle isn’t common sense/The sensation of Yoroi is subtle/Dojo training/Dojo training is only one part of Budo/Bujinkan Dojo includes that word"Dojo"/To forget the body in the early stages/Own training/Kanetaka Kaoru/You were considerably active around the world/Densho/Kanjin Kaname no Koppo Jutsu/The rhythm of the 9 Ryuha is like stepping skillfully/Have you ever felt any burden in handing down the 9 Ryuha/To the accumulation of years/Desire/The mind’s eye/The walk/To become confused/To become confused in the dojo/Gokui/Kuden/Escaping to win/Roman low country/Henka/Leeway/Courage/Perfection/Good sense, common sense/Being connected/Play/Supernatural techniques/Vitality/Incompleteness/Bushido is in finding death/Kurai Dori.

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