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Hitsumon Bujinden - Wisdom Necessary for Quest Vol.1 (SPD-7103) *Excp Bronze*

Hitsumon Bujinden - Wisdom Necessary for Quest Vol.1 (SPD-7103) *Excp Bronze*
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Masaaki Hatsumi
Quest Co., Ltd
Ninjutsu, Samurai
Running Time:
120 minutes
Release Date:


** Not available for Bronze plan. These DVDs are expensive and difficult to replace. **

Soke Hatsumi reveals deep lessons of his budo and uniquely answers and speaks on very interesting subjects below:

I am U.F.O./Budo of humanity/The San Shin no Kata/3 end with 1/The Bugei Juhappan/Shichiho Sanpo/The Kihon Happo/Book of Five Rings/Nito Ryu/Once-in-a-lifetime encounter/Kukishinden Ryu“The Oni will laugh at you"/Rank/The nine Ryu-ha/The current Soke generation of each of the 9 Ryu-ha is 180/Nihon Bujutsu/The Bujutsu of the Muromachi Period /Takamatsu Sensei’s existence today/Soke/Teach how to bring yourself to life/Kyojitsu/MutoDori/Dojo/Leader/The opening of the Togakushi stone door/Takagi Yoshin Ryu" Oya Goroshi and Ko Goroshi"/Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu/Musoken/Animals/In your current role /Father/Judo and Kendo/The Martial Artis and the Drama Actor/Jiraiya/Actors and Martial Artists/Ninjutsu/Light and shadow/Ninja (Ninjutsu) has received acceptance from young people overseas/The reason for the existence of the Ninja (Ninjutsu)/Kunoichi/The baton inherited from Takamatsu Sensei/Even non-Japanese can do Budo(Ninjutsu)/The teacher-student relationship/Training with Takamatsu Sensei/To put on armor/Ku/Many of your words contain contradictions/A good understanding of the things said to you by Takamatsu Sensei /to live a long life/Mission/Kunoichi Taikai/4 generations of students/To not make comparisions with others/Transmission/Shugyo/Shobu/Ten Chi Jin/Erasing the technique/Don’t try to avoid.Avoid avoiding/Remember the technique, throw away the technique/Putting Budo into words/Budo is Jutaijutsu.

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