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Police Safety and Survival 2 (Turtle Press)

Police Safety and Survival 2 (Turtle Press)
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Eric Murray, Mark Wyler
Turtle Press
Running Time:
78 minutes
Release Date:


Police Safety and Survival # 2 DVD picks up where Police Safety and Survival Volume 1 left off, covering the use of the expandable straight baton, the proper procedure for safely handcuffing a suspect, multiple officer control techniques and vehicle extraction.

Instructor Mark Wyler begins by teaching the fundamental blocks, strikes, gripping methods, and combination strikes of the straight baton then progresses to baton retention, disarming, lock-ups and escorts.

The next instructional segment covers the correct procedure for handcuffing and searching compliant and noncompliant suspects from the standing, kneeling and prone positions. The DVD wraps up with techniques for multiple officer control and vehicle extraction using empty hand techniques and the kubaton.

Throughout both DVDs in this series the instructors share with you valuable life-saving safety tips gained from years on the job. While these DVDs are not meant to replace an officer's training, they offer many valuable supplemental techniques and strategies taught in a concise, no-nonsense format.

Law enforcement officers face potentially serious threats to their safety in every confrontation, from suspects who passively resist arrest to those intent on creating a life threatening situation by disarming an officer.

In the Police Safety and Survival series, veteran law enforcement officers and training instructors Mark Wyler and Eric Murray teach the finer points of defusing potentially lethal situations with a variety of verbal, empty hand and weapons techniques.

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