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Ki:The Science of Internal Energy (Turtle Press)

Ki:The Science of Internal Energy (Turtle Press)
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Sang-Won Lee
Turtle Press
Other Korean Styles, Qigong
Running Time:
70 minutes
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For centuries, martial arts masters, monks, warriors and scholars have pursued methods to develop, channel and harness the mysterious and powerful internal life force known as ki (chi, qi).

Exercises like qigong and chi kung promote mental and physical health, harmony and longevity. Many martial artists use the applications of ki training to increase power, heighten focus and develop inner strength.

Ki:The Science of Internal Energy DVD explores ki development through the emerging Korean training method of GiCheon. Grandmaster Sang Won Lee, headmaster of Korea GiCheon Association, teaches a series of ki training exercises combined with breathing methods to channel ki while strengthening the muscles and promoting discipline in the mind and body.

GiCheon's unique method of increasing flexibility in the joints to unblock the circulation of ki and its use of a form of dynamic tension to enhance breathing exercises produces results for even the most novice practitioners.

Discover the secrets of this ancient training method through a visit to the Moonmak mountain training center in Korea where Grandmaster Lee and his students share their experiences with ki training in interviews and demonstrations.

If you are seeking a unique ki training method or are new to the concepts of internal energy, this DVD will open your eyes to the possibilities within you.

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