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Martial Arts of Korea (Turtle Press)

Martial Arts of Korea (Turtle Press)
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Turtle Press
Running Time:
70 minutes
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Korea has a rich and varied martial history dating back thousands of years. From the ancient arts of Kuk Kung (archery) and Ssireum (grappling) to modern combat sports like Taekwondo and Kyuk Too Ki, generations of warriors in Korea have practiced both armed and unarmed combat methods.

Martial Arts of Korea DVD introduces a dozen Korean arts through interviews, visits to dojangs and gyms, competition footage, demonstrations and historical background. Each segment features top ranking masters in Korea who present a revealing look at the arts of Kuk Kung, Ssireum, Kumdo, Haedong Kumdo, Kyukpa, Taekkyon, Hapkido, Yudo, Kuk Sool, Taekwondo and Muye Eship Saban (armed and empty hand). Filmed on location in Korea.

Discover the Martial Arts of Korea:

Taekwondo: One of the most popular and practiced martial arts in the world. Visit dojangs in the US, Scotland, Austria and Korea to see how taekwondo is practiced for sport, self-defense and self-improvement.

Taekkyon: This native Korean art is one of the oldest empty hand martial arts on record. It's movements are characterized by rhythmic beauty and grace that hide the deadly intent of its practitioners.

Hapkido: A well-rounded martial art made up of kicking, striking, locking, throwing and weapons skills, hapkido places a strong emphasis on self-defense.

Ssireum: This form of wrestling dates back to the 4th century and is now both a folk sport and a modern combat sport practiced exclusively in Korea.

Yudo: The Korean system of Judo, is a combination of the Japanese emphasis on technique and the European style of power fighting.

Kuk Kung: The earliest documentation of this traditional form of archery practice dates to 37 B.C. Modern Kuk Kung is practiced with one of the shortest bows in the world yet has one of the longest ranges.

Haedong Kumdo: This modern Korean sword art is practiced with the single edged curved blade and emphasizes circular cutting movements.

Kuk Sool: This modern art is a combination of internal and external techniques that utilize empty hand and weapon skills as well as healing methods.

Kumdo: Very similar to Kendo, Kumdo uses the split bamboo sword known as the jukdo. Practitioners emphasize precision and attitude over speed and strength.

Muye Eship Saban: The 24 weapon and empty hand arts of the historic martial arts manual Muye Dobo Tongji have recently been revived by the Kyung Dang Demonstration Team in Korea.

Kyukpa: Power breaking is one of the lesser-known aspects of taekwondo training and one of the hardest to master. Visit the Kukkiwon to hear grandmasters share their power breaking training methods.

Kyuktooki: Korean Kickboxing is a total fighting system that includes punching, kicking, locking, throwing, and choking.

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