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Jujitsu Vol. 1 (Turtle Press)

Jujitsu Vol. 1 (Turtle Press)
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James Kodzis
Turtle Press
Running Time:
80 minutes
Release Date:


Jujitsu is a complete art, combining no-nonsense striking skills with highly effective grappling techniques. In this first of two jujitsu DVDs, instructor James Kodzis teaches a blend of the essential techniques of modern and traditional jujitsu with an emphasis on technical precision. Begin from the fundamentals of stance, movement and breakfalling then quickly move into learning the stand-up skills of jujitsu: punching, elbow strikes, knee strikes and stomp kicks. Once you have a solid understanding of applying and defending against the stand-up game, you will learn the keys to an effective grappling arsenal including:

• Closing the distance for a takedown
• Clinching defensively
• Takedowns and sweeps
• Using the sprawl
• Transitioning on the ground
• Escapes
• Defenses against striking on the ground
• Passing the guard

Most importantly, Instructor James Kodzis teaches you how to attain and defend against these fundamental jujitsu positions:

• Side Mount
• Mount
• North/South
• Back Mount
• Open Guard
• Closed Guard
• Half Guard
• Total Holddown
• Knee on Stomach

Each position is explained and demonstrated for numerous angles followed by the demonstration of a number of defenses to the position. Simple, direct, easy to understand instruction allows you to follow along with a partner, practicing attack and defense drills for each hold as you learn. With a background in both law enforcement and martial arts, James Kodzis has created a jujitsu program that will benefit jujitsu students and instructors as well as law enforcement and security personnel.

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